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What are the plumbing requirements?

The basic requirements for plumbing an electronic toilet bidet is almost similar to a regular toilet. First off, make sure that you have an electrical socket close enough to reach the cord’s length. For the most part, it’s the same as installing a regular toilet. You’ll need: 1. a floor flange 2. wax ring 3. and a ⅜” supply outlet Other bidet toilets may require additional plumbing depending on the model, but for the most part, these are the plumbing requirements needed before installation.

Can I install a Trone Electronic Bidet combo in place of my standard bidet?

Yes, you can install a Trone Electronic Bidet combo in place of your standard bidet. Before you install the Electronic Bidet combo, there are things to consider such as the distance of the inlet pipe from the ground should be 150 mm and the location of the sewage should be 305/400 mm from the wall.

Do I need help installing a Trone Bidet Toilet?

We recommend that you find help from a plumbing expert; however, it is possible to install yourself. Please take a look at our YouTube channel for instructional videos.

How long is the power cord, and what side is it on?

Trone electronic bidet toilets each come with a 60-inch power cord that is conveniently located near the back of the toilet; putting it out of the user’s way keeping the other sides of the toilet free from obstruction.

What are my options if I don’t have an outlet in my bathroom?

One of the best options that you will have is to tap from your bathroom faucet supply line. You can do this by getting a dual outlet supply valve and installing in in your faucet supply line. If your faucet supply line is ½” in diameter, you can simply get a reducer to make it fit a ⅜” toilet supply. Also, please take note of the distance your faucet supply to your toilet and get the appropriate connector length. If the connector’s too short, getting an extension hose would to the trick.

What if the nozzles do not extend far enough?

If the nozzles don’t reach far enough, one way of getting the wand to spray where you want it is to adjust sitting positions. The nozzle can also be adjusted to match your preferred spot. Please see the manual for further detailed instructions.

Product Information

Where can I order replacement parts?

Should you need to order replacement parts, you can purchase Trone products including their parts at PlumbersStock.

What maintenance is required?

Yes, Trone bidet toilets have helpful features that can be beneficial for children, elderly, and handicapped. As a person getting older, using a bathroom is a bit challenging for them. So, using a Trone bidet can bring comfort as it can clean yourself easily after you use the bathroom.

Can Trône be used by children, elderly, and handicapped?

Yes, Trône bidet toilets have helpful features that can be beneficial for children, elderly, and handicapped. As a person getting older, using a bathroom is a bit challenging for them. So, using a Trone bidet can bring comfort as it can clean yourself easily after you use the bathroom.

How much power does an electronic bidet consume?

Trone bidets have a rated power of up to 1150 watts, making it an electricity efficient bidet in the market today. Also, Trone bidets will only draw to its highest wattage when all temperatures are set to a maximum level.

How long is the wash cycle?

The wash cycles last for two (2) minutes long. However, as you might want to use it longer, you can press the wash button again. The wash will cease operating once you pressed the Stop button.

Does the seat stay heated at all times?

Yes, it is heated at all times to provide warmth and comfort whether we use it in the middle of the night or in the morning. Most of the bidet seat can be set the level temperature to high, medium, and low. These adjustable temperature features give you an option to adjust the temperature to low while not in use to conserve energy.

How long does the warm water last?

Warm water will last about 30 seconds from the time bidet draws water from its built-in water heater. When it comes to water pre-heating, it usually takes about 5 minutes.

When does built-in deodorizer activate?

When it’s turned on, the built-in deodorizer will be activated once the seat is occupied and it continue to run for 60 seconds after the bathroom user leaves the seat. This time allowance is enough to completely remove particles from the air and maintain fresh air in the bathroom.

Can you still use a bidet even if there’s an outage?

No, the toilet will still flush however. Trone bidets have a manual flush function that comes with it, that’s why you can still use it even if there’s an outage in your area. There are two ways to do the manual flushing. First, use the remote control and press the flush button and the other option is to short press the flush button on the toilet body to start flushing. If manual flushing function is not working, you may replace the battery or contact your local dealer.

What is Eco Mode?

Eco Mode is the power-saving function offered by Trone electronic toilets like Ganza and Nobelet, among others. With Eco Mode, your Trone e-toilet turns the temperature down to the lowest setting after ten (10) minutes of being idle and turns it right back up when the user sits down. When in this mode, Trone bidet toilets consume less power so you don’t have to worry about sudden spikes in your electric consumption.

How does the deodorizer work?

The deodorizer gets rid of unpleasant odors with the help of an activated carbon filter. It works by by pulling the air out of the toilet bowl, through the filter, and then out through a vent located at the back; a process that efficiently keeps your Trone toilet smelling fresh even with constant use. To maintain the deodorizer’s effectiveness, it is recommended that the activated carbon filter be replaced every six months.

When does the auto-flush activate? (Time or Sensors)

The auto-flush system activates once the sensors detected that you’ve stood up. The seat has weight sensors that automatically flush the toilet once there’s no weight in the seat.

Returns and Shipping

Are Trone products available internationally?

Trone toilet bidet combos are currently being sold on, and Should you be interested to purchase whether internationally or domestically, we suggest you contact these sites directly and ask about their individual shipping policies and abilities.

Can I get my Trone Electronic Bidet repaired on location?

We understand that your bidet might over time incur damage but to help you out to the best we could, we would need you to specify what kind of problem your Trone electronic bidet has. Trone guarantees that its products are free from defects in material and workmanship even for years to come. But when an issue arises, we’ll be happy to give you technical support or advice, and often time will ship instructions and new parts for you or your plumber to utilize on location.

My Bidet Toilet arrived damaged, what do I do?

For warranty claims please reach out to For returns, please reach out to retailer you purchased your bidet from


Where can I view the warranty information?

Depending on the model, Trone offers either a 1-year warranty or a 3-year warranty against manufacturer defects. You can view the warranties here. The warranty shall be based from the date a customer purchases the item. Proof of purchase will be required, so please keep the receipt or invoice for future reference.

General Information

Are electronic bidet toilets worth their price?

Trone's electronic toilet bidets are reasonably priced. Each comes with essential features and functions necessary for daily use. Compared to other manufacturers, Trone comes in a more competitve price and offers options in a various price ranges.

Will Trone fit where my toilet is now?

Get to know first the rough-in measurement of your current toilet. You can take a look at this article that was made for the purpose to provide step-by-step instructions and informative facts to avoid misconceptions and some common errors when it comes to measuring the rough-in measurement. Just click on the link provided and it will redirect you to the webpage. The number suffix on the product number of any Trone Plumbing toilets determines the measurement of its rough-in. It will tell you if the toilet you buy from Trône will fit in the same location as the old one.

What is the seat & lid weight limit?

Trone bidet seat has a maximum weight limit of 400 pounds. Some other brands of bidet seat have a weight limit of 330 pounds only which is not recommended for heavy users compared to our Trone bidet seat that works better for larger bathroom users.

Can I get one in a different color?

Trone Nobelet Electronic Bidet Toilet is available in two different options of color. You can get it in white and black finishes. Other models of Trone Electronic Bidets like the Tahum, Ganza, Neodoro, Aquatina, and Fountina are not available in different colors. As of this time, we are working to produce more colors, so that we can provide many options according to our customer’s taste, preferences, and bathroom needs.

Do you drip dry after using a bidet?

No, Trone Bidets can easily help you dry up after using the bathroom with the help of its air dryer function. You can simply use the remote control that comes with the bidet and press the dry button, it can easily dry the area.

How much power does an electronic bidet consume?

Trone bidets have a rated power of up to 1150 watts, making it an electricity efficient bidet in the market today. Also, Trone bidets will only draw to its highest wattage when all temperatures are set to a maximum level.

Can bidets help you save money?

Yes, Trone bidets have an average flow rate of 1.28 GPF which uses less water and a very efficient when it comes to electricity usage. With its low electricity and less water consumptions, it allows you to save money not just today but also in the long run.

How does the night light help?

Night light can be a big help especially for kids, seniors and someone that needs to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. A soft glow that illuminate your toilet will be your guide to the toilet without having to turn on your bathroom light.

Will I still need to use toilet paper?

Using a bidet is the best way to eliminate the habit of using toilet paper to help you cut down your paper usage and allows you to save money in the long run. Other bathroom users are still using a paper to completely dry themselves after using the bidet. Will you use a toilet paper after using the bathroom? that depends on you.

Is using Trone hygienic?

Yes. Trone bidet toilets use water to thoroughly clean your nether regions; a process which is gentler and more hygienic than using (possibly) abrasive toilet paper to wipe your lower areas.

What is the difference between Front and Rear washes?

The Front wash function is generally used for cleaning the feminine area while the Rear wash function is commonly used for cleaning the rectal area.

What is the tallest Trone bidet? What is the shortest?

Among Trone'S various electronic toilets, the Ganza GETBCERN-12 has the tallest seat which is 16″ from the top of the seat to the finished floor, while the Tahum TETBCERN-12 has the shortest seat (15″ from the top of the seat to the finished floor). When it comes to the overall height, the Fountina FETBCERN-12 stands at 20-1/4″, while both the Nobelet NETBCDER-12 and the Ganza GETBCERN-12 are 18-1/2″ high.

Can I use a Trone electronic bidet combo if I have a septic Tank?

Yes, you can use an electronic bidet combo if you have a septic tank.

Are there health benefits from using these electronic Trone bidets?

Yes, there are. One of the benefits you’ll get from an electronic bidet is a thorough and cleaner wash instead of just using a toilet paper. This prevents further infections that may be caused by leftover germs, bacteria, viruses, and/or fungi.

Are bidets safe to use for children?

Yes, they are. Trone's spray wand has settings that strengthens or lowers the GPM. It can also be adjust according to seating position.

What is the flush rating?

Trone features a Water-Saving design that only utilizes 1.28 gallons per flush. Trone provides an opportunity to experience a powerful innovation without the expense of your water bill!