Connecting Your Trone Electronic Toilet To An Outlet

Installing the Trone smart toilet is not that difficult. You just need to know the essential things before doing it.

Here are the questions you might have, and we’ve provided some answers:

How close does the electrical outlet need to be to the toilet?

The Trone toilet’s length is 1.5 meters, so you need to have an outlet installed near the toilet.

What is a GFI or GFCI outlet, and should I have one to plug my bidet toilet seat into?

GFCI and GFI both stand for ground fault circuit interrupter. These outlets are highly recommended in areas with high moisture because they have a built-in mini circuit breaker. A lot of modern houses have these installed near sinks and bathrooms.

Trone toilets will still work if you don’t have a GFCI outlet. But for safety purposes, it is strongly encouraged to use this outlet.

How to connect a Trone Toilet to an outlet

  1. Open the angle valve filter and connect the power plug.

  2. The power plug must be connected to a wall socket with a safety grounding device in AC120V, 16A, 60Hz.

  3. Confirm if the power is connected or not by pressing the power button on the side of the toilet.

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