Foot Sensor Feature

Touching the toilet seat can be a hard task to do, and this is a challenge for couples. When men use the toilet, the seat should be down, and the opposite goes with women. Trone toilet is the answer for people who don’t want to touch the toilet seat again.

Toe-Touch Lift Seat Sensor

The foot-tap sensor feature in the Trone toilet is for a more hygienic toilet experience for both women and men. The method of opening the Trone toilet seat is so easy that it is fit for every use. Tapping the side of the toilet bowl with your toe is all it takes. This function helps push the toilet seat up. It then uses the same technology to put the seat back down.

The cutting-edge innovation of Trone can solve the classic arguments of men and women about lifting toilet seats. Say goodbye to touching the toilet seat with Trone Toilets!

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