Gravity Flush vs. Pressure Flush

There are several types of toilets in the market today, and finding the right one for your budget and needs can be time-consuming and challenging. One thing to consider is the flushing mechanism, specifically gravity flush and pressure flush.

What are the differences between the Gravity Flush and Pressure Flush?

Pressure Flush Toilets

The pressure flush toilets use a force generated by special devices to flush. Even with minimal water, the flush can be more potent. The compressed air that pushes the water out of a tank with much force is the critical component of this flushing mechanism. It can flush down more waste at once. This type of flush is present in electronic toilets.

Advantages of Pressure Flush toilets

  • A pressure-assisted toilet uses about 20% less water than gravity-assisted toilets.

  • Fewer clogs. Due to the powerful flushing action of this type, it will clog less than the gravity flush toilet. This advantage can be helpful for homes with dilapidated sewage lines.

  • Efficiency. Pressure flush toilets can push more waste down the drain, making them popular amongst commercial facilities where many people use the toilet.

Gravity Flush Toilets

This type of toilet is present in 90% of apartments and houses. From its name, this toilet uses the force of gravity when flushing the waste. The process is simple: the water will go into the bowl when you push the handle. Then, it will go to the trapway, and the natural siphoning effect helps the water take wastes to sewer pipes.

Advantages of Gravity Flush toilets

  • Easy to fix. This type is simple, making it easier to repair, especially for D-I-Y enthusiasts who know how to fix common toilet problems without a professional plumber.

  • They are proven to work. Gravity-assisted toilets have been around for decades and have proven efficient enough for regular use.

  • An affordable option. They are more affordable than the pressure flush toilets, and most of the replacement parts are cheaper as well.

In choosing what type of toilet you should buy, consider your needs and budget. Choose a toilet that will provide you optimum functionality without having you break the bank.

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