How Do You Operate a Trone Toilet?

All the functions of the Trone smart toilet are operated by wireless remote control. You can mount the remote control on the nearby wall, or at the side of the toilet. On the left side of the seat, there are auxiliary buttons to activate Power, Nozzle cleaning, and Rear Cleansing functions.

Trone Remote Guide

Let’s Go Function

The “Let’s Go” function is for the activation of the automatic wash and dry cycle. These functions are preset to:

  • 90 seconds of front or rear wash with oscillation

  • Medium (pink) spray width

  • Medium (pink) water temperature

  • High water pressure

  • 2 minutes of warm air dryer cycle (medium temperature)

Though these settings are preset, you can still adjust them during the cycle.

Two User Memory Settings

You have two user memory settings where you can personalize your favorite settings. Customize with your preferred water temperature, nozzle position, spray width, etc. All your favorites in one-button experience.

How to program User1 or User2 Memory

1. Sit on the toilet seat

2. Start a wash cycle. Press and then release either the Front or Rear wash button to start.

3. While the wash cycle is taking place, set your preferred: Nozzle Position

  • Water Pressure

  • Water Temperature

  • Oscillation Option

  • Spray Width

4. Finish the wash process or just press Stop.

5. Lastly, press and hold the User1 or User2 button for 5 seconds to save the customized programming. You will hear a beep when the settings have been saved.

When using the memory button, you can press User1 and User2 depending on which wash cycle you prefer to use.

If you want a toilet that can provide convenience and comfort, the Trone toilet is the best choice. You can do the wash and dry cycle with the help of a remote.

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