How to Install a Trone Toilet

Step By Step Guide

Remove your existing toilet seat.

  1. Lift the hinge covers and remove the mounting bolts using a screwdriver.

  2. You may need Top Mount Hardware if your toilet has top-side access to the mounting bolts.

  3. There are a wide variety of toilet setups. Contact us if you are not sure how to remove the toilet seat.

Turn off your water supply valve and flush the toilet

  1. Turn the water valve at the wall off to stop the water flow.

  2. Flush the toilet and empty the tank by holding down the handle.

  3. Disconnect your water supply hose from the toilet tank. Note that you don't disconnect from the shut-off valve.

Connect the T-valve to the fill valve

  1. If the water supply line is rigid, a flexible hose replacement may be needed.

  2. Position the flat edge of the rubber washer into your T-valve with the raised lip facing up.

  3. With the rubber washer, install the T-valve to the bottom of your toilet tank. The T-valve is connected to the fill valve directly under the toilet tank and not the wall.

Connect the flexible water supply line from the wall to the bottom of the T-valve

Use the Teflon tape to help make a watertight seal.

Connect the straight end (90-degree elbow opposite) of the hose to the T-valve

Use your hand in tightening to secure. Take care that you don't strip the threads by over-tightening.

Install the mounting plate

  1. Put the adjustable mounting plate over the mounting holes. The rubber side should face down and the curved edge facing the toilet tank.

  2. In the center of the square opening in the mounting plate, place the brackets(adjustable) flat side down. And then, you can insert the mounting bolts through the bolt holes and adjustable brackets.

  3. Slide rubber flat washer, cone washer, and barrel nut onto toilet mounting bolts. Then, tighten to keep the mounting plate in place.

Connect the 90-degree elbow end of the hose to your Trone

Connect the hose to your water inlet on your Trone.

Attach your Trone to the mounting plate

  1. Set the Trone flat on your toilet bowl in front of the mounting plate. Slide onto the plate until the Trone "clicks" into place.

  2. Tighten the barrel nuts to hold the seat in place once it is lined up correctly. Don't strip the plastic screw threads when you hand-tighten them to secure them.

Turn on the water supply.

Slowly open your main water supply and check for leaks.

Connect to power

  1. Plug the power cord into your electrical outlet. You need to ensure that the outlet is GFCI. You can purchase a GFCI adapter online or at a local hardware store if required.

  2. Use the cable clips for a tidier appearance to connect the power cord and your bidet hose side-by-side.

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