How To Install An Outlet By A Toilet

Eliminate the need for dangerous and ugly extension cords in your bathroom for your electronic toilet. You can install an outlet with these steps:

Step 1: Locate an existing power source

You need to find an existing power source to connect the new outlet to. Choose a power source that is near the location where you want to install a new outlet for your Trone toilet. Make sure that the power source is compatible with the power requirements.

Step 2: Identify a location for the new outlet

When a power source has been selected, map a wiring path to your new outlet. The simplest installation is one where the new outlet and power source are within the same wall segment. However, they should face opposite directions. Choose a general location where you would like to install a new outlet.

Step 3: Make a starter hole with a screwdriver

Jab saws or drywall keyhole saws can be used to start a hole in the drywall. However, making a couple of starter holes in opposite corners using a skinny, flathead screwdriver can cause less damage to the drywall. In cutting, you need to let the saw do the work. The paper on the backside may tear with over-aggressive sawing, and this may weaken the drywall.

Another thing to consider is to stay inside the lines when cutting. If the hole gets too big, it will be unstable. When the hole is too small, you can adjust it by carving the edges with a utility knife.

Step 4: Connect Power for the New Outlet

When you have identified the power source and made an opening for the new outlet, you can begin the wiring. Locate the circuit breaker then turn off the power to the circuit or room the power source is attached to. When you have verified the power is indeed off, open the power source. Next, break a hole in the electrical box of the power source. Use a slotted screwdriver to feed a new wire out to your new outlet. Have all the wires reconnected and the new wires in place and carefully tuck all the wires back in the electrical box. Lastly, you can reattach the cover plate.

Step 5: Install a New Outlet

Pull your new wire through the new outlet hole and then into the electrical box. Afterward, you insert the box into your wall and secure it with screws on the electrical box to draw in the “sails.” It is also recommended to install a GFCI to protect the outlets since it is in the bathroom.

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