Installation Checklist - Trone

Questions To Ask Yourself

Is your water supply line flexible?

You need to check the line that connects the toilet tank to the water shut-off valve at your wall. Before installing your Trone smart toilet, you must purchase a flexible hose if your pipe is rigid. You can buy flexible hoses online or at local hardware stores.

To ensure that your hose has correct sizing, measure from your water supply valve at the wall to the fill valve under your toilet tank. Afterward, add 4” to make sure that it is long enough.

Do you have a GFCI electrical outlet?

You should only plug your Trone into a grounded GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) electrical outlet. You can purchase GFCI online or at the local hardware stores.

If necessary, only use extension cords rated for a minimum of 15 amps with a 3-blade grounding plug and a 3-wire extension cord.

Can you access the top and bottom of the bolts that hold the seat to the toilet fixture?

We have two installment options. The options will work for you If your fixture only has top-side access to the bolts that hold the seat to your toilet. You can choose to slightly modify your current bolts to fit the mounting plate or use the Top Mount Hardware. Please contact us for the Top Mount Hardware.

Can you access the fill valve under the toilet tank?

Other modern toilets have sleek styles intended to camouflage or cover plumbing connections. This design can make the installment of a standard Trone difficult. For this issue, it is recommended that you use our Alternative T-valve. Contact us for the Alternative T-valve.

Note that you need to ensure that you can at least access the water supply valve. The Alternative T-valve connects to your water supply valve at the wall and not on the fill valve under the toilet tank.


You may need a standard screwdriver or Phillips head to remove the existing toilet seat. A standard wrench will help loosen tight water supply connections.

In creating a watertight seat between your plumbing connections, use Teflon tape. You can purchase it online or and local hardware stores.

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