Night Light Feature - Trone

The overhead lights can be blinding during a midnight trip to the bathroom. The night light feature on Trone toilets is a soft blue LED night light that will guide you if it is dark. This is a game-changer that will allow you to stay half asleep while you find the toilet.

How do I turn the night light on/off?

  1. Press and hold down both the Power and Rear Cleansing auxiliary buttons. Hold it for five seconds until all display lights start flashing. The buttons can be found at the side of the seat.

  2. To Set or Cancel the night light, press the Nozzle Cleansing and Rear Cleansing buttons simultaneously. Note that if the night light is flashing, it is ON. If it's not flashing, it is OFF.

  3. The new setting can be saved in ten seconds unless another button or Stop button is pressed.

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