Remote Control Feature - Trone

In using Trone smart toilets, you only have to touch the wireless remote control. You can use it by pressing the buttons from washing to drying.

Remote Guide

Let’s Go Function

The “Let’s Go” function is for the automatic wash and dry cycle activation. These functions are preset to:

90 seconds for Front and Rear wash with oscillation

Medium water temperature (Pink)

Medium spray width (Pink)

High water pressure

2 minutes of warm air dryer in medium temperature

Though these settings are preset, you can adjust them during the cycle according to your preferences.

Two User Memory Function

Personalize your settings, such as water temperature, spray width, nozzle position, etc. This feature will allow you to have your favorite settings in one custom, one-button experience.

How to program User1 or User2 Memory

  1. Sit on the toilet seat

  2. To start the wash cycle, press and release the Rear or Front wash button.

  3. Set your preferred water temperature, nozzle position, water pressure, spray width, and oscillation option while the wash function operates.

  4. Wait till the wash is finished or press Stop.

  5. Press and Hold the User1 or User2 button for 5 seconds to save the programming.

You can hear a beep as an indication that the setting has been saved.

How to use the User1 or User2 button

  1. Sit on the toilet seat

  2. Press the User1 or User2 button, followed by the Front and Rear button.

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