Smart Technologies Senior Homes Must Have

Smart technology is increasingly becoming a staple in senior homes as it offers several benefits that can greatly improve the seniors' quality of life. most importantly, it can help seniors stay connected to their families, get the care they need, and live independently.

smart technology gives seniors enjoyment, safety, and convenience

Here are some of the must-have smart technologies for senior homes:

Smart Toilet

Smart toilets are a game-changer for seniors, as they offer many benefits to improve their quality of life. Some of the key benefits of smart toilets for seniors include:

  • Smart toilets remove the struggle of wiping and offer a much more thorough clean, reducing the risk of urinary tract infection (UTI).

  • Wiping with paper is unnecessary with a smart toilet, which can help to protect seniors' delicate skin.

  • Seniors don't need to bend or twist to use a smart toilet, which can save strength for safe activities like sitting and standing.

  • Smart toilets can make it much easier for seniors to keep essential parts clean, encouraging them to go to the bathroom more often. This is especially beneficial for those with incontinence.

  • Smart toilets can help to reduce the risk of spreading fecal matter, as they offer a much more thorough clean than traditional toilets.

Smart Door Lock

Smart door locks open automatically when an authorized user approaches carrying a smartphone or key fob. It allows senior residents to retain independence without worrying about using small metal keys. They also help retain and control access to units more easily. They don't need to switch out locks. The new "e-keys" can be easily programmed, and old keys revoked, enhancing the security of the building.

Emergency Call Systems

Emergency call systems are another important smart technology for senior homes. These systems allow residents to immediately summon help in an emergency, whether they are injured, sick, or need assistance. Emergency call systems can be integrated with smart door locks, so that authorized personnel can be granted access even when the resident is unable to open the door.

Digital Medication Dispensers

Digital medication dispensers can help residents take their medication at the correct time and monitor usage remotely. These devices typically lock compartments until the designated time, speak alerts to remind users to take their medication, and can be monitored and controlled remotely. It can help them stay on top of their medication regimen and avoid confusion or forgetfulness.

Smart Beds

Smart beds are becoming increasingly popular in senior homes, as they offer many features that can improve the quality of sleep and overall comfort for residents. These beds often have sensors that track sleep patterns and adjust the firmness and position of the bed accordingly. Additionally, many smart beds come with built-in massagers and heating/cooling features to provide a truly customized sleeping experience.

As the population ages, it is becoming essential for senior living facilities to adopt smart technology. Smart technology can help seniors stay connected to their families, get the care they need and live independently. This is essential for maintaining a high quality of life for seniors. Additionally, smart technology can help reduce the risk of falls and improve communication between residents and staff.

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