Smart Trends in Bathroom Technology for 2022

It may seem like a glimpse into the future, but smart bathroom technology is already available and becoming more popular. More homeowners made the switch to smart homes than in the past years. And, if you think these homeowners are only the uber-wealthy, think again. You don't need to be uber-wealthy to have a smart home. Many manufacturers offering a wide range of smart products make them accessible to a larger population segment.

a personalized bathroom to fit the needs of the owner

So what can you expect from smart bathrooms in 2022? Here are some trends to watch out for:

Comfort and Convenience

Smart technology in the bathroom can provide greater comfort and convenience. For example, heated floors and mirrors will be a welcome addition on cold winter mornings. You can also see more hands-free fixtures like bidet toilets, faucets, and soap dispensers.

Increased Personalization

As smart home technology becomes more sophisticated, homeowners will be able to customize their bathrooms to suit their individual needs. This could include features like ambient lighting and aromatherapy. Homeowners will also be able to control every aspect of their bathroom experience from their smartphone or voice-activated assistant.

Greater Energy Efficiency

Smart technology can help you save money by making your home more energy-efficient. For example, you may be able to set your thermostat to lower the temperature at night or when you're away from home. Smart toilets can also help reduce water consumption.

Enhanced Safety and Security

Smart technology can also help keep your family safe. For example, you may be able to receive alerts if someone enters your home without your permission. You can also expect to see more products with built-in safety features, such as showerheads that shut off automatically if the water temperature gets too hot.


Not everything about a smart home has to be about productivity or efficiency. You can also use smart technology to have more fun in the bathroom. For example, you may be able to listen to music using a showerhead with a speaker or watch TV while you're taking a bath or shower. You can also find products that allow you to control the ambiance of your bathroom with different lighting and scent options.

Improved Health and Wellness

Finally, smart technology can help you live a healthier life by providing information about your daily habits. For example, you may be able to track how much water you consume or how often you use the restroom. This information can be used to help you make changes to your habits and live a healthier life.

No matter your needs, there's a good chance that you'll be able to find a smart product that meets them. So don't be afraid to embrace the future of the bathroom. Smart technology is here to stay, and it's only going to get better in the years to come.

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