Spray Function Comparison

The traditional practices of bathroom hygiene involve cleaning up using dry paper wipes. Aside from the negative impacts it can make on the environment, your health can also be compromised. That is why a game-changer has been innovated for a thorough cleaning that can leave you feeling fresh. Trone toilet uses hands-free technology where the spray nozzle for washing is installed. You have to press the button, and the nozzle will come out and wash the bottom.

Trone toilets offer robust features to fit your preferences and increase the effectiveness of cleaning. It can be adjusted for your needs making it useful to everyone.

Different Spray Functions

Nozzle Oscillation

When using this spray function, the nozzle will move back and forth through the washing process. The nozzle oscillation function can clean a wider area.


This function can help stimulate the rectum to promote bowel movements.

Strong & Weak Massage

The water pressure in this massage function changes to strong and weak throughout the washing process.

Cool & Warm Massage

The water temperature changes to warm and cool until the washing is done.


The SPA function is a combination of the two massage functions. Once you use this function, it will use both the hot & cold massage and strong & weak massage functions throughout the process.

Lady Wash

The spray nozzle isn't just for the backside. The lady wash function allows a direct spray to the forward areas.

Children Wash

Washing children can be difficult, so the Trone toilet has a children's wash function to make it easier. In this function, the water pressure is reduced, and the position of the nozzles is more forward to accommodate children.

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