Will Your Circuits Be Able To Handle Your Electronic Toilet Installation

Before installing your electronic toilet, you must first know the circuit requirements

  1. In a bathroom without a bathing facility, the Trone toilet outlet can be combined with a 20A bathroom outlet circuit. However, it should not serve more than one bathroom or lighting outlets.

  2. In a major remodeling or new construction in a bathroom with a bathing facility, a 15A circuit must be dedicated per electronic toilet. You must not combine toilets in one circuit.

  3. The toilet outlet can be combined with the vanity outlet in a 20A circuit that is dedicated to a single bathroom for retrofit installations.

  4. In the retrofit installation, you can combine a maximum of toilets in a single outlet circuit. Just make sure that it has a 20A circuit and a combined load NTE of 80%.

  5. The Trone toilet may be combined with a 15A or 20A general lighting circuit. However, it should be limited to one toilet.

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