The Trone Tahum TETBCERN-12.WH is an electronic bidet toilet combo that will take your bathroom into the future in terms of style and functionality.




  • Auto Open Lid

  • Auto Open Seat

  • Remote Open Lid/Seat

  • Foot Sensor Activation

  • Soft Close Lid / Seat

  • Heated Seat

  • Deoderizer

  • Night Light

  • Customizable User Presets

  • Power Save/Eco Mode

  • Digital Display

  • On-Demand Heated Water

  • Adjustable Water Pressure

  • Rear Wash

  • Front Wash

  • Stainless Steel Spray Wand

  • Self-Cleaning Wand

  • Electric Dryer/Fan

  • Syphon Assist Flush

  • Auto Flush

  • Bowl Pre-Rinse

  • Battery Backup Flush

  • UltraSheen Premium Glaze

  • Raise/Lower Lid

  • Raise/Lower Seat

  • Seat Temperature Adjustment

  • Flush

  • S.P.A. Function

  • Rear Wash Adjustment

  • Front Wash Adjustment

  • Spray Wand Adjustment

  • Spray Temperature Adjustment

  • Oscillating Temperature Adjustment

  • Pulsating Spray Adjustment

  • Fan Temperature Adjustment

The TETBCERN-12.WH is an electronic bidet-toilet combo from TRONE’s Luxury collection. Join the millions of people worldwide who enjoy the many health benefits that only bidets can provide with this sleek and modern Tahum bidet-toilet combo. Aside from style and functionality, this bidet/toilet also boasts intelligent innovations, like a Heated Seat, a Night Light, and an Auto Open Seat, to name a few. There is also the convenience of an AutoFlush feature, which is enhanced even further by the ever-popular Toe-TouchTechnology. Not only will the Tahum flush on its own once you stand up after use, but it also has a Toe-Touch foot sensor that users can activate not just to open the seat and lid but also lowering them when done, which will in-turn flush the toilet too. These are just a few of the features that the Tahum is famous for.

But there is more to offer than comfort and convenience when talking about this electronic bidet-toilet combo. Finished with an Ultra Sheen Premium Glaze, Tahum is specifically designed to help prevent dirt and debris from sticking to its surface both inside and out. This unique glaze ensures easier cleaning. Couple that with the innovative Pre-Rinse feature that wets the surfaces down right before use, and users will find that keeping a toilet sparkling clean has never been easier. This electronic toilet-bidet has a stainless-steel wand for the front and rear wash functions. Its easily adjustable spray functions can be customized to your desired settings for a personal touch that will surely leave users feeling clean and refreshed. On-Demand Heated Water means users can adjust the water temperature to meet their personal needs, while its Adjustable Water Pressure and adjustable spray wand positioning create a thorough and satisfying cleansing every time. As with all TRONE electronic bidet-toilet combos, the Tahum has a convenient and user-friendly remote control. It controls all of the available functions like flushing, seat temperature, water temperature, and it even has customizable preset buttons that users can program once they know their preferred settings.

Thanks to a cutting-edge design and a modern theme that boasts crisp and clean lines, the TRONE Tahum will look amazing in just about any environment. It comes in a stunning white finish and is skirted, making it easier to clean and keep looking new for years to come. Take your bathroom experience to an all-new level and witness for yourself the life-altering benefits of owning a TRONE electronic bidet-toilet combo.