Trone Tahum


The Trone Tahum TETBCERN-12.WH is an electronic bidet toilet combo that will take your bathroom into the future in terms of style and functionality.





  • Auto Open Lid

  • Auto Open Seat

  • Remote Open Lid/Seat

  • Foot Sensor Activation

  • Soft Close Lid / Seat

  • Heated Seat

  • Deoderizer

  • Night Light

  • Customizable User Presets

  • Power Save/Eco Mode

  • Digital Display

  • On-Demand Heated Water

  • Adjustable Water Pressure

  • Rear Wash

  • Front Wash

  • Stainless Steel Wand

  • Self-Cleaning Wand

  • Electric Dryer/Fan

  • Syphon Assist Flush

  • Auto Flush

  • Bowl Pre-Rinse

  • Battery Backup Flush

  • UltraSheen Premium Glaze

  • Raise/Lower Lid

  • Raise/Lower Seat

  • Seat Temperature Adjustment

  • Flush

  • S.P.A. Function

  • Rear Wash Adjustment

  • Front Wash Adjustment

  • Spray Wand Adjustment

  • Spray Temperature Adjustment

  • Oscillating Wand Adjustment

  • Pulsating Spray Adjustment

  • Fan Temperature Adjustment

The TETBCERN-12.WH is an electronic bidet toilet from Trone's Tahum collection. It will take your bathroom into the future in terms of style and functionality. This bidet toilet boasts intelligent innovations, like a heated seat, a night light, an auto open seat and lid, an auto flush, a foot sensor, and many more. These are just some of the features that this toilet has to offer to give you the comfort and convenience you need in the bathroom. The bowl's surface is furnished with the UltraSheen Premium Glaze that helps prevent debris and mold from sticking for easy cleaning. It features a bowl pre-rinse that wets down the surface, keeping it sparkling clean.
This bidet toilet has a stainless steel wand for the front and rear wash functions that you can easily adjust to your desired settings. You can adjust the water temperature and pressure including the nozzle positioning through the remote control that comes with it. The remote can also control the flushing, seat temperature, deodorizer, and many more.
Aside from the outstanding features that this toilet has, it has an edged-design that gives out a modern look. It comes in a classic white finish that surely reflects elegance. Having this toilet with the combination of its sleek design and great features will give you a next level bathroom experience.
Trone is a brand that is committed to providing you, the consumers a different level of comfort in your bathroom. Experience their superior performing products like this Trone TETBCERN-12.WH Tahum electronic bidet-combo toilet at a reasonable price, only here at Trone Plumbing.