Smart bidet toilets at an affordable price.

Turn your toilet
into a throne.


Seat Features


Guys love that they can open the seat and flush the toilet with their foot. 


Bidet Features

Integrated Bidet

Warm water, Heated Seat,  Air Dryer, Remote Controllable, Need we go on?


Bowl Features

Automatic Everything

Opening, closing, and flushing can all be done without touching anything. Stay cleaner.

The Trone Advantage


Quality and modern features without the high price tag.

Video Support

You can call, chat, or even hope on a vdeo call with our technicians.

Advanced Tech

The most advanced and innovative features to enhance your comfort.

Industry Experts

Plumbing experts with over 30 years of experience. 

Multiple Styles

Find the exact style you need to fit your bathroom aesthetic. 

Free Shipping

Any product from our store to your doorstep in 5 days or less.

Easy Installation

12" Rough In. Easily installs on your exisiting toilet setup.

Same water supply. No need for hot water, it heats instantly

Power outlet within 5 feet

Easily removeable top for quick access to inside of toilet


Better For The Environment

Green Forest

Decreases Toilet Paper Consumption


Uses Less Water To Flush

Leaky Sink Drain Pipe

Eliminates 'Flushable' Wipes That Clog And Damage Pipes

Increase  Independence

Protects Delicate Skin
by removing the struggle of wiping
Reduces Fall Risk
by eliminating wiping with paper
Improves Hygiene
without the need for bending or twisting to clean up

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